Sustainable Nutrition

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The Fairplay Café is a social enterprise empowering local mothers to run a kitchen in Payatas, providing healthy, affordable, and delicious meals in the community. From monggo soup and sinigang to pancit canton and tokwa menudo, the dishes available are great for the body and the budget.

Fresh fruit shakes and local desserts are also available, with everything made fresh by the mothers. In a community where half of children are severely stunted in their growth, based on a study by Ateneo medical students on our beneficiaries, healthy food is incredibly important.

Families here understand the importance of providing healthy food, but when you can’t afford a fridge nor the electricity to run the necessary equipment to properly store and cook healthier food, it becomes impossible to actually do so. Fairplay believes than an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of the cure, and so the Fairplay Café provides the possibility for better health in Payatas. So the Fairplay Café looks to solve the root cause of the problem by providing healthy and sustainable nutrition.

We are also now able to cater to your event and share the healthy and delicious local food on offer. Check out the Fairplay Café Brochure to see which dishes will be your favourites. Whether it’s an office, sports clinics, or group event, if you’re interested in having healthy, delicious food served this time then Contact Us for more info.