Welcome to the UK page for Fairplay for All Foundation.  May we introduce our NEW UK team and base who volunteer and dedicate their time and energy to raise awareness, funds and organise events/ fund-raising from the UK.  May we take this opportunity to say a massive thankyou to the previous UK team David and Davina Tomlinson who have for many years dedicated and volunteered there own time and resources to help raise a great amount of awareness and much needed funds for us and the children.

We’d like to keep everyone updated as we are planning some fantastic up and coming events. As a regular sponsor or supporter we want to keep you informed of news and events which are happening in the UK in support of the fantastic work going on and here’s the place to check this out.

Get in Touch

Our UK Team are here to help with any questions, updates you may have :

  • Roy Moore – Chairman
  • Jemma Lloyd- UK Charity Secretary
  • Nick Felsing- Head of Fund-Raising
  • Leanne Lawson- Charity Treasurer

If you have any ideas, questions, proposals simply use the UK contact details below:

We’d love to hear from you.

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