Help level the playing field for a child in Payatas today

At Fairplay, we believe everyone deserves a fair chance. We believe that where you’re born should not determine your future. We believe in making the world a fairer place.

At Fairplay, we believe no-one should be trapped in poverty just because of where they were born. This is why our mission is to level the playing field so everyone has opportunities to learn, play, and grow.

What We Do

To achieve our mission, we run the Fairplay Youth Center, Fairplay Cafe, and the Payatas Sports Center. Our mentoring program develops physical and mental health, provides social and emotional support, and creates financial and academic opportunities. Only through holistic support can we can break the poverty cycle and truly empower our community.

Where We Work

We work in the community of Payatas in the Philippines

Payatas is known for the largest dumpsite in Metro Manila. The garbage industry is the main source of income for many of the families living here, even since the dumpsite closed operations. Most work as garbage truck drivers, garbage collectors, and scavengers, and live near or below the poverty line.

Throughout the years, Fairplay has become embedded in our community. The kids we mentor have shown remarkable progress when provided with the opportunities and support most of us take for granted, they can become the best at what they do.

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