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Payatas FC Comics: Ella’s Story Part 4 (Jun, 2021 TAGALOG)

A Look Back at the End of 2022 and the Start of a New Year

2022 was a crazy year in more ways than one. We started the year with pandemic rules still limiting what was possible. Sports was still not allowed at all, while youth center activities were restricted. Our students struggled in many ways during the pandemic, but we strived to provide the support needed to at least…


As we head into the new year and adjusting to the changing guidelines, we can look back on 2021 and be thankful it’s over but also thankful for some of the things we’ve learned and grown with along the way. With every setback was an opportunity to take stock, try something new, and make it…

Fairplay 2021 Quarter 3 Highlights

When the government called for another strict lockdown in August, we again had to halt operations of our Youth Center and Sports Center. However, the good news is, since the beginning of the third quarter of the year, our staff and young leaders have begun to get vaccinated with the COVID19 vaccine. Not long to…


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The Payatas Paper

The Payatas Paper is a student newspaper written by our scholars in Payatas, focusing on issues in the community and sharing stories that can be a source of inspiration for many others.

It began during the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With nothing much possible to do, this became a way the scholars could do something and make a constructive use of their time to share their stories.

Fairplay TV

Fairplay TV follows the story of the Payatas Football Club and the personal journey of the girls as they compete against some of the best women’s teams in the country.

See how the girls are fighting to change the image of their hometown with episodes featuring what the girls have to go through off the pitch, from scavenging to coaching, hard-hitting topics like the impact of childhood trauma on our physical and mental health, and of course some great highlights, skills, and goals from the games.

Humans of Payatas

At Humans of Payatas we share real stories from people in Payatas. Payatas is one of the largest and poorest slums in the Philippines, but it’s also home to great people with unique and beautiful stories.

Humans of Payatas began as a way to give people their power back. Because no matter how poor someone is, no matter anyone’s situation, they have the power to tell their own story, so we just have to ask and listen.


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