Fairplay Futsal League


The Fairplay Futsal League is designed to help teams have fun, make friends, and develop fair play.

We believe one-day tournaments are OK for showcasing talents, but leagues and community teams develop the talent. We also include special rules for better development – including teams winning by many goals remove a player to balance the teams further and avoid blowouts. Most of all, the league is meant to be fun for the kids and so coaches and parents need to ensure they contribute to this environment – not take away from it.

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In 2019, we plan to host several seasons of the Fairplay Futsal League. The first season will see the Fairplay Futsal League kick off on March 10 for U9 (2010), U11 (2008), and U13s (2006).

If you and your team would like to join, then download the rules and registration form below. Email the completed registration form (signed) to:  sports.ffafoundation@gmail.com to join the league. Bank details for the team deposit will be sent for the security deposit of P2,500. The deposit will be refunded at the end of league based on 100% attendance, 100% punctuality, and no violent conduct/ineligible players fielded.

Fairplay Futsal League Registration 2019

Fairplay Futsal League Rules 2019

You can also use the contact form below to send a question or enquiry.