Fairplay Futsal League

The Fairplay Futsal League is designed to help teams have fun, make friends, and develop fair play. We include special rules to avoid lob-sided games so all teams can have fun and get better. Coaches and parents are also encouraged to contribute to this environment of fun – not take away from it – by ensuring a code of conduct that means the kids are allowed to play and learn, not get shouted at from the sidelines.

We aim to host four seasons per year, two for each youth age group, with each season typically 5 weeks long.

S1: March-April U9, U11, U13

S2: July-August U15, U17

2019: Season 2 (U15, U17)

Season 2 of the Fairplay Futsal League sees a total of 12 teams across the U15 and U17 brackets. Check out the quick slideshow above for a look at Matchday 2.

Referees are developed from our community, young kids from the area learning to referee. Coaches are developed from our community, and league organisers even too. We also host Fairplay Coaching Courses during the season so local coaches can learn more about the mindset of coaching.

For the older age groups, full 40 minute futsal games are played (for younger age groups, two games of 20 minutes are played). Updated standings are below.


2019: Season 1 (U9, U11, U13) March-April

Matchday 5 Standing.jpeg

2019: S1 Match Day 1 Photo Album

2019: S1 Match Day 2 Photo Album

2019: S1 Match Day 4 Photo Album

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