Mission and Vision

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Photo by Alfonso Calero

Who We Are: Our Core Values

  • We are lifelong learners
  • We innovate and improve what’s around us
  • We show we care

At Fairplay, we love to learn. We love to explore new things and gain deeper knowledge where we already are. We care about the people around us and about our community. And we always want to improve the situation and make sure with everything we do things are better this week than they were last. We want to see progress.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to level the playing field. This means creating a safe environment for the children and families we work with. This means developing holistic, innovative, and sustainable projects in education, sports, and nutrition. And finally, this also means empowering the community by ensuring they are part of the decision-making process and organisation of each project, in order to identify the root cause of the problem and break the cycle of poverty for good.

Vision Statement

Our vision: a level playing field that allows children and families a better chance to succeed in life and break the cycle of poverty for good. This is an empowered community that cares for each other and strives to learn and develop.

Our Dream

At the heart of this is the Fairplay Academy. Our dream is to bring together the Fairplay School, the Payatas Sports Center, and the Fairplay Cafe under one Fairplay Academy, and replicate our success in other places.