Social Business

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At Fairplay, we believe in empowering the community to solve the root cause of the problem, rather than the most visible symptom. We believe when we identify the root cause of a problem and target that, it is more efficient and sustainable and leads to a longer-lasting impact. There are many problems in the community of Payatas, and through our research we’ve been able to point towards which are causes and which are symptoms. Most of all, it helps empower local leaders to continue helping the community too.

In Payatas, for example, many of the children are highly stunted, they are much shorter for their age than the average child. Healthy food is incredibly important in combating this. There is a great deal of hunger, but the problem is not the lack of food, it is the socioeconomic problems leading to a situation where the family cannot support their own basic needs, even when working 12 hours a day. If a family is struggling on or below the poverty line, they cannot afford to invest in a refrigerator and the electricity bill it comes with, and healthier food becomes much more expensive as a result.

The Fairplay Café

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The Fairplay Café is our main social enterprise, empowering local mothers to run a kitchen in Payatas, providing healthy, affordable, and delicious meals in the community. From monggo soup and sinigang to pancit canton and tokwa menudo, the dishes available are based on local dishes and are great for the body and the budget. Instead of buying another cheap cola, for example, people can now buy a fresh fruit juice from the Fairplay Café that is cheaper and tastes just as good.

As the local mothers keep inventing new recipes and products, we have a growing list of customers and clients outside of Payatas too. More and more people are realising the benefits of local, healthier dishes for their staff and for the people at their events, like sporting clinics and tournaments.

The Fairplay Café has caterred for groups throughout Metro Manila. For larger events and corporate style dinners, the Fairplay Café offers a more affordable and a more meaningful option than the typical choices. You can see the Fairplay Café Brochure here to find out which dishes will be your favourites.

Whether it’s an office, sports clinics, or group event, if you’re interested in having healthy, delicious food served this time then Contact Us for more info.