April & May Highlights (2018)

It’s been a busy time at Fairplay as we finish the first half 2018! So now is a great time to look back on the previous couple of months and see the highlights of this time.

With a growing staff we’re able to continue solidifying our projects and support in the community. Avie is our new Community Development Worker and Airene is our new social worker. Melissa also takes over the Social Business at the Fairplay Café. Each of them have already made an immediate impact in their areas and are learning how Fairplay works and what we stand for in order to help be part of the team and our long-term impact.

Youth Groups have been able to restart with the boost in personnel, and with two evenings set a week, we are able to offer a safe space for the older kids in the community to have something to do. Set time for socialising, play, and just hanging out, is followed by a seminar, workshop, or activity in areas such as reproductive health, managing stress, financial and academic literacy, and more. And at the Fairplay Café, sales in the community continue to increase as the Café work towards greater sustainability and employment opportunities for mothers in the area.

At our School, Summer Fest allowed the kids to show off what they’ve learning throughout the Summer Months. Research into education has shown that children from poor backgrounds don’t typically fall behind rich kids during school time. It’s during the long summer months and other breaks from a learning environment where they fall behind. They have less opportunities to learn at home and in their communities. This is one of the reasons the Fairplay Academy stays open over the Summer.

In the morning, literacy classes were offered and in the afternoon clubs were held for arts, making films, theatre and more. With students choosing their preferred clubs, the energy and enthusiasm was infectious.

And finally Team Philippines joined the Street Child World Cup! Participating in Russia, nine girls from across the Philippines joined to represent the country on and off the pitch. The main thrust of the project is to show just what kids from backgrounds like this can achieve when we provide the opportunities. As our motto goes for Team Philippines, when we show we care, everybody wins.

Look out for a full documentary on the team and their experiences before, during, and after the Street Child World Cup (SCWC) later in the year.


With June and July coming next, we’re looking forward to sharing the research on just how much our kids have improved in their self-esteem, growth mindset, and lowered the risk of depression. Social and emotional growth is key to this long-term development, and we will have the data ready for the next highlights.

From the Sports Program we will also be sharing about the Metro Manila Futsal League and what’s next for Team Philippines SCWC.

If you’d like to help level the playing field, then Contact Us for more information about how you can get involved.


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