Fairplay Coronavirus Update 13: Food Relief Continues & School Going Digital

For our families in Payatas, meeting their basic needs has become an even greater challenge in the 3 month-long Metro Manila lockdown. Many are not able to work, public transportation is very limited, and government support has been disorganized for the most part.

Last monday, we were able to deliver food packages to the 104 families that we have been supporting in the previous weeks. That means roughly around 500 people have a source of nutritious food.


Our families received:

  • 5 kg of rice
  • 1 kg of sayote
  • 1 kg of ampalaya
  • 1 kg of kamote
  • 1 kg of corn
  • 1 kg of okra

A local receives a food pack with a smile.

Updates in Payatas

At the start of June, Metro Manila was placed under general community quarantine. With cases still rising, the government has officially extended the lockdown for two more weeks. Uncertainty continues to grow as the curve continues to rise (see chart below).

On the upcoming school year, the majority of educational institutions are gearing towards a transition to online-based learning. Face-to-face classes are still highly discouraged at this point. In far flung areas, television and even radio-transmission has been considered an alternative, but no concrete plans have been announced as yet.

At Fairplay, we are currently looking into online learning in our Youth Center and will have some good announcements to make regarding this in the coming weeks.

A New issue from The Payatas Paper

A prominent challenge for everyone affected by the lockdown is the isolation and uncertainty of the current situation. In the latest issue of The Payatas Paper, our scholars share their experiences during the lockdown and what they do to keep themselves mentally and physically healthy. Click here to read the full issue.


We thank everyone for your continued support during these times and hope you and your families are safe. We hope that this situation will improve quickly. In the meantime, let us continue to follow preventative measures to protect ourselves and others.

As always, connect with us through ffafoundation@gmail.com for any questions.


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