A Happy Fairplay Christmas

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Be a Santa This Christmas
As we sit down to our Christmas dinners we can feel good knowing that we helped provide the same for families elsewhere too. This Christmas you can ‘Be a Santa’ and help students and their families in Payatas have a happy holiday this season and support their future into the New Year. How does it work?

Each gift will provide a scholar or a local mother in our programs with a ticket to our fabulous Christmas Dinner scheduled on December 22 in Payatas. They will also receive:

– A P1,000 donation will provide a great Christmas dinner for one of our students or mothers and a family hamper.

– A P6,000 donation will provide a student with a great Chrismas dinner and an education scholarship for half a year.

– A P12,000 donation will provide a student with a great Christmas dinner and an education scholarship for one year.

Our scholars are local residents of Payatas and range from Kinder to College level. Your support will provide the financial support needed for their continued education (transport, school lunch, books, uniforms, project materials, etc). Fairplay also runs youth groups, EQ mentoring sessions, sports, and other support programs funded through grants and other means. Your support will therefore go directly towards the scholar’s basic needs in school.


Gifting for Someone Else

Looking for a meaningful Christmas gift for someone else this year? If they have everything they need perhaps they’d appreciate more a gift like this in their name. When you chose to gift thisto them, we will send a downloadable certificate so you can print and gift that to them this Christmas if you want an extra meaningful gift for a family or friend.

For those gifting the half year or full year scholarships, a picture and short bio of your supported scholar will also be sent to you. This may be gifted to someone else as their gift for the year too.More updates will be provided in the coming weeks as we see how many scholars and mothers are supported with Christmas dinners, hampers, and education scholarships gifted this Christmas.

How to Give

If you would like to gift a Christmas dinner and family hamper or education scholarships you can fill in the contact form below to indicate your interest. We will send you the bank details so you can make your gift. For further information you can also use the above email address and visit our website at: https://fairplayforall.org/a-happy-fairplay-christmas/


*Note: for child protection purposes, the Christmas Dinner (scheduled for Dec 22) will not be open to guests and sponsors. It will be held in Payatas with the families and neighbours to enjoy together. Only Fairplay’s authorised cameraman will document the event so as to minimise the ‘exposure’ for the kids and families so they can instead focus on enjoying the day and looking ahead to the new year. Pictures and a video of the day will be made and sent to our Santas.