Host a Community Day

Host a Community Day With Us

Looking for an outreach program that is more empowering?

Looking for a way to get to know the community and celebrate their skills?

Looking to celebrate your group’s milestone by having fun and giving back! Whether it’s an anniversary together as a team, a birthday, an outreach program or more, you can enjoy your day in a more empowering way.

With training in a futsal session, a tour of Payatas from those who know the area, and a buffet lunch provided by the Fairplay Cafe, this is an all-in experience to understand the area and take a first step to building a lasting and meaningful relationship.

Check out the video below for an idea of what your Community Day could look like.

GF United Community Day

For more information about hosting your own Community Day with Fairplay, check out the brochure here: Community Day Brochure v2.4 CR.compressed

Contact Us for more information on how you can hold your own Community Day.


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