Humans of Payatas (Vol. 3: April)

At Humans of Payatas we share real stories from people in Payatas. Payatas is one of the largest and poorest slums in the Philippines, but it’s also home to great people with unique and beautiful stories.

Humans of Payatas began as a way to give people their power back. Some people used to say that we were speaking for those who couldn’t speak for themselves. We thought there was a better way… rather than speaking for them, why not let them speak for themselves? Because no matter how poor someone is, no matter anyone’s situation, they have the power to tell their own story. We don’t want to take that power away by speaking for them, so we just have to ask and listen.

So in their words, please enjoy this month’s highlights from Humans of Payatas

1) Finding a Safe Space to Play

2) Balancing Life as a Student and a Scavenger

3) Trust is Everything

4) A Mother’s Strength

5) A Passion for Work

Much is said of Payatas in the news and on social media and none of it allows the people of Payatas to speak for themselves. Humans of Payatas is about sharing the inspiring, beautiful, challenging, and ultimately the real stories of people from the community. It’s about sharing the voices of people and letting them speak for themselves.

You can help support the Fairplay for All Foundation and Humans of Payatas so we can continue to share people’s stories and work to empower the community through quality education, sports, and sustainable nutrition. Donate via PayPal at the right hand side bar or Contact Us for more information.

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