Fairplay’s May 2017 Highlights

Fairplay School: Summer Cycle 

The Fairplay School finished the Summer Cycle with a bang… and a beat. The Summer Fest 2017 showcased what the kids learned during the creative and musical Summer Cycle with drumming club, dance group (junior and senior), singing, and more showcasing their talents.

Check out the quick video below celebrating the day and all the effort that led up to it.

There are big plans afoot for the future of the Fairplay School and how we can continue improving. In short, the School offers a safe haven for kids who dropped out of the nearby government run schools, where corporal punishment and a low quality of learning contribute to a huge dropout rate.

Here we create a happy and more effective learning environment. We believe that learning doesn’t happen in straight lines in a neat, orderly place, but that learning is more effective when the child is recognised, afforded choice in their learning, and allowed to grow at their own pace. Sometimes that will be slow, and other times it will take off. Either way, it’s better than the alternative here.

Studer Trust: Fairplay School Donations

We’d also like to use this opportunity to thank the Studer Trust for their kind donation so we can upgrade some of our equipment (including buying a projector and screen), get school supplies, build a new bookshelf for the library, and more.

With their support we were able to buy a lot more tables and chairs, globes so the kids could see more of the world there. The Studer Trust fund education in several developing countries in Asia and align with our vision for improving access to, and the quality of, education for the poorest.

Sports Center Construction

The Sports Center construction has continued with the great news that the Australian Embassy in Manila has committed to funding the vast majority of Stage 2 Construction! With commitments and pledges from other groups involved that means we are now guaranteed to be able to complete the project. With the right organisation, we shall be able to complete all of the Stage 2 by the end of the year!

  • the toilet and changing room facilities
  • the stockroom
  • the bleachers (and small roof over bleachers)
  • the security guard house (for a local family)
  • gym area
  • & the second court itself!

The construction itself took a short break during early May to consolidate the finances and secure the funding, and so we are now nearing completion of the toilet and changing room facilities.






Metro Manila Futsal League

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Metro Manila Futsal League saw 28 teams across three age groups play each other in a round robin league. Saturday, June 10, sees the final Matchday before the Champions League. In the MMFL Champions League, the top four teams in each age group play as Semi Finals ahead of the Finals on Saturday, June 17 at the Kapitolyo Amphitheatre.

During the league season, the games played in Quezon City (the vast majority of the matches) were also catered by the Fairplay Café. This provided healthy and delicious food for the players, most of whom come from poor communities throughout Manila.

Our Next Steps

Fairplay’s biggest need now is to build the regular support. This is to ensure we can continue to employ our teachers, our local Café mothers, and other imperative staff. If you’re interested in sponsoring P500 or £10/month then please Contact Us and join the team. Maybe we can’t change the world, but we can change someone’s world and in doing so we make the world a little fairer.

Share our story with those you think are aligned with our core values and our mission: to level the playing field.

In the next highlights:

  • Fairplay announces our biggest partnership to date
  • The search for Team Philippines in the Street Child World Cup kicks off
  • Mid-year report on the Fairplay School
  • Renovation at the Fairplay Café

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