November Highlights:

New names, new faces, new places—November has been quite eventful here at Fairplay. We’ve made some significant progress to our ongoing projects as we welcome new members to the Fairplay team

From Fairplay School to Fairplay Academy

This month our students voted to change the name of the school from Fairplay School to Fairplay Academy. Many of the students relayed their experiences of being hurt by teachers, physically and emotionally, and felt that by calling it the Fairplay Academy it shows how different the Fairplay Academy is from the traditional schools in the area. With some students sleeping over with their mother and older brother, as they were previously sleeping on the streets or in crowded spaces, this also is the first evolution of the Fairplay School into the Fairplay Academy as a boarding school.

The transition to the Fairplay Academy comes just in time for the final designs of the new school I.D.s and their school uniforms which they will start wearing next year. You may remember from previous highlights the students voted for a voluntary uniform, sharing that they wished to show their togetherness and community this way.


In Novemeber the students also got to enjoy a field trip to BGC in Taguig for Haribon Foundation’s 45th anniversary. Haribon is an environmental organization dedicated to biodiversity conservation, and it was a great opportunity for the kids to learn about their advocacies.

We also identified the kids who were to have optical and dental check-ups. More on these results in the next highlights when the kids have those check ups.

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The kids have also undergone Pow Wow for cycle 7. Our researchers worked through the key performing indicators (KPIs) and the results will be available in the next highlights. Finally, we welcomed several new full-time kids in the academy this month, bringing our total count up to 30 full-time students. Our target for the end of the year is 36, with another 3 added per class to bring up the total to 45 next year. As per earlier highlights, we’ve chosen to gradually and slowly increase the number of students to allow time for the teachers and students to build the community well together and provide the best platform possible for the Fairplay Academy as it grows.

Expanding the Payatas Sports Center

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We’ve been hard at work building up the Sports Center with roofs over the bleachers in the playing area now. This really helps for spectators and players alike. The office area has also been completed now too!

Soon, we hope to make the Sports Center a prime location for future events and activities. These activities include our Community Days, such as the NIVEA Family Day and had as many as 40 to 50 people playing on the field at the same time.

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A proper sporting venue is not without its players though, so we’re proud to say that our two older coaches are now hard at work training future generations of players.

Welcoming the new Cafe

Because of renovations, the Fairplay Cafe had to relocate temporarily a few doors down at the Fairplay Academy. Still, the mothers have been more productive than ever with sales in the community increasing. Throughout November we recorded a total of 2,577 cooked meals for our students, staff, and people in the community. This also came with the help of our new Nanay ate Cristy.

As of today, the Cafe has moved back home to new and improved Fairplay Cafe. More on that in the net highlights.

Community Development

With the addition of Diane, a social worker who comes to us as a community development worker, the Social Welfare and Research Department has leveled up once again. Now it is the Community Development Department as it is complete with a social worker, community development worker, and two researchers to monitor and track the progress of what we do, improve it, andbegin youth groups .

They’ve also been busy prepping for the upcoming Pasko ng Pasasalamat this December 14 to 15 as the event to cap off Fairplay’s activities for the year with performances from the students and staff as well as an ukay ukay (second half sale) for clothes, toys, and more. Everything will be at bargain prices so participants from the community have a feeling of contributing and we can avoid simply giving out handouts and the dependence that can come with that.

What’s Next?

Next time on the highlights, we’ll be sharing a bit more about the candidates chosen from Team Philippines in the Street Child World Cup and celebrating the year with the Pasko ng Pasasalamat as we say goodbye to 2017 and welcome 2018.

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