2019 Q3 Updates: Levelling Up Our Facilities and Fairplay TV Launches to Share Our Stories!

This Quarter, 2019 Q3, a major theme has been levelling up our facilities. With our Youth Center under construction for more space, with a rooftop under construction for one of our futsal courts, and with the Fairplay Cafe set for an upgrade (to sell into the community and cater outside as well), it’s been a busy and positive time levelling up what we do. Below are a few of the pictures from the improvements at the Youth Center, Cafe, and ongoing construction at the Sports Center.

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Once it’s all finished our facilities will have reached their best level ever! The Youth Center space will have almost doubled, with the space in the backyard now usable whatever time and weather. With our ongoing Youth Groups, EQ Clubs, and other mentoring sessions, this is very useful. Meanwhile, the Payatas Sports Center will be getting a rooftop, courtesy of our partnership with Thinking of Yves, to ensure whatever the time and weather we will have a great space to play. The court will also be smoothed out and the facilities will be even better than before.

This will mean we will be able to hold more tournaments and leagues and generate a bit more income using the pitch for that too. That should help level up our sustainability and caring space.

Fairplay TV Launches!

Another update is the launch of Fairplay TV. The hiring of our Creative Content Officer, Nicole, has allowed us to get a deeper look into the projects and what we’ve learned over the years. Supported by VOICE Philippines and NIVEA, this project aims to share our stories and experiences from Payatas, as well as our mistakes and learnings, so people can see the progress, the challenges, and apply it elsewhere too.

With the Philam 7s League kicking off earlier this year, we thought it’d be great timing for Season 1 of Fairplay TV to follow our girls at Payatas Football Club. With the story and characters more compelling, this can establish Fairplay TV as we work out the kinks of storytelling and producing the videos on a more regular basis.

Joining the league has been a challenge and at Payatas FC we like to say “Challenge Accepted”. So check out the episodes in this playlist to watch from the beginning for fun, inspiring stories:


Season 2 of Fairplay TV, beginning early 2020, will feature standalone documentaries about particular themes and issues faced in Payatas, and the Philippines more generally.

If you’d like to support the team, you can come down to McKinley Hill Stadium and cheer the girls on. Check our Facebook page, or the Facebook page of the Philam 7s League, for the latest fixtures.

You can also sponsor kids like those in the Women’s Team for our upcoming Fairplay Christmas Dinner on Dec 21 and ‘gift’ the Christmas Dinner and Family Hamper to your loved ones too for a meaningful gift this Christmas. Find out more details on our page here: https://fairplayforall.org/a-happy-fairplay-christmas/

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