Fairplay Coronavirus Update 10: Restrictions Ease as Metro Manila Shifts to GCQ

As we end the 10th week of the Metro Manila lockdown, Fairplay continues to distribute food packs to 104 families, thanks to the continuous support from our donors.


This week, our families received:

  • 5kg of rice
  • 1kg of monggo (local legume)
  • 1kg of eggplant
  • 1kg of squash
  • 1kg of ampalaya
  • 1 kg of okra


Updates in Payatas

The Philippine government recently announced that Metro Manila will transition to a General Community Quarantine(GCQ) starting June 1, 2020. This means some restrictions will be lifted. This possibly means we may be able to restart some of the youth groups soon, but are yet to discuss this situation further, as mass gatherings will still not be allowed and it is possible that government restrictions will still prevent minors from leaving their homes.

Sports will remain unlikely to be allowed for quite some time as well. Especially team sports. More individual sports, like badminton and table tennis, might be possible for us for some time, but we will update you with the situation as it unfolds.

Some forms of public transportation will resume, but not general public transport (jeepneys and typical buses) so mobility will be very limited still. Social distancing protocols and quarantine checkpoints will also remain in place.

The good news in that is parents may soon be able to go back to work. Given that many have not received financial support promised by local authorities, going back to work will be a big step. Again we will update next week as more is known. For the coming week we will continue the relief efforts given the situation, and then later assess as the realities of the new Quarantine become clearer.

A call for mass testing

The Philippines has the longest lockdown of any country – it’s been longer than China – and yet mass testing and treatment have not been done. The number of cases is not slowing down and with the lack of treatment there are likely still a lot more.


As of May 30, 2020, the Philippines has surpassed 17,000 confirmed cases of covid-19. Most of these are in the National Capital Region (Metro Manila), but that is largely because most of the testing is also in Metro Manila.

Many of the cases still go undetected. As the region gradually enters the General Community Quarantine, the policing must be accompanied by mass testing and contract tracing. The World Health Organization (WHO) also stressed the importance of mass testing in order to flatten the curve.

We are now entering the 6th month since the international community has been aware of the coronavirus outbreak. This is far too long to be waiting for mass testing. With enough capacity for mass testing, we can detect cases, trace contacts, isolate carriers, and stop the spread of the disease.

The Payatas Paper

We would also like to share the latest issue of The Payatas Paper. Featured are two stories from our coach-players on their early days in football and what they’ve achieved so far through the sport. You can click on the cover below to read the latest issue.


If you would like to read The Payatas Paper each week, subscribe to the mailing list here.

If you have any questions, clarifications, or ideas, please connect with us through: ffafoundation@gmail.com

Stay healthy. Stay safe.




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