Fairplay Coronavirus Update 11: Adjusting to New Measures

We are on our 11th week of relief operations in our community in Payatas. From 60 families in our first wave of distribution, we are currently supporting up to 104 families. Receiving these food packs on a weekly basis means families with no source of income due to the lockdown have food security.


This week, our families received:

  • 5kg of rice
  • 1kg of monggo (local legume)
  • 1kg of sayote
  • 1kg of squash
  • 1kg of togue (bean sprout)
  • 1 kg of okra


Updates in Payatas

The Philippine government has officially placed Metro Manila under general community quarantine after more than 2 months of lockdown.

Some families might be able to get back to work soon as select industries have been permitted to operate. Physical classes are still suspended but there are ongoing discussions on making classes accessible online. All of this is new of course and everyone is adjusting to the new system.

While restrictions have been relaxed, coronavirus cases are still climbing. The current count of positive cases to date is 22,474. Without mass testing, there’s no certainty in containing the virus.


The Payatas Paper

Our students continue to share their stories through The Payatas Paper and are currently on their 6th issue. This time, they talk about their usual routine before covid-19 and how the lockdown has affected them. Read the full issue here.


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If you have any questions, clarifications, or ideas, please connect with us through: ffafoundation@gmail.com

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