Fairplay Coronavirus Update 15: Tutorials & No-Contact Sports Resume

We are happy to share that we are finally able to slowly restart select activities at Fairplay as the community is little by little opening up after 4 months of lockdown.

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Fairplay Youth Center

This week, we opened our doors to our scholars for tutorial sessions. Each scholar was grouped so that each group was less than 10, and they would have two tutorials in the week.

Health protocols in our facilities were also put in place for the safety of our kids. Before entering Fairplay premises, scholars and staff disinfect their footwear with disinfecting mats placed at our entrances. Their temperature is then taken and provided it’s within normal measures, they then go to the designated areas for hand washing. Everyone’s names are collected for attendance.

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Masks and face shields are distributed to every scholar before entering the main hall. The tables are placed one meter apart and only a maximum of 10 people (including instructors) are allowed inside per session. This ensures that social distancing is strictly observed.

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Textbooks are designed for largely independent and self-paced learning, with Fairplay staff on hand to help guide students through sections they need or want additional support.

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Payatas Sports Center

For sports sessions, our kids are allowed to play no-contact sports such as badminton and table tennis. Football is still not allowed at this point. Additional safety reminders have been placed around the facility for everyone to follow.

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This is certainly still an odd situation for many of us and we are adjusting to the constant government restrictions and guidelines. However, it has been positive to get some activities going again with the kids itching to do things.

The Payatas Paper

Another issue of The Payatas Paper is out! In the 9th issue, our scholars discuss more about their dreams and what it means to fulfill them. Click here to view the issue in full.


A Fairplay TV Throwback

The second episode of Fairplay TV continues following the girls of Payatas Football Club as they fight on and off the pitch for an opportunity to play.

In this episode, we follow Payatas FC player Regine and what some of the extra challenges she faced as a girl just to be on the pitch. Now she leads the line for Payatas Football Club in their biggest challenge yet, against some of the best Women’s Teams in the Philippines in the Philam Life 7s Football League.

Can’t wait to watch Episode 3? The full season is available on our Youtube channel: http://bit.ly/2Uos1oQ

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