Fairplay Coronavirus Update 16: The ‘New Normal’ at Fairplay

It’s good to be back!

Last week, we were finally able to start some operations again as we began tutorials and some sporting activities.


Updates in Payatas

Split into groups of 5-8 kids, each group of our scholars have scheduled tutorials now to get them ready for going back to school. They are getting more and more familiar with the health and safety measures, and keeping themselves in-check while at home. The response has been positive with really high attendance, which might not be too surprising as they’ve had literally nothing to do for four months under lockdown. It’s good they’re able to enjoy each other’s company (at a distance) once again.


Tutorial and sports sessions are now on the second week. Aside from the instructors, each batch of students are led by a team leader, who is one of our older scholars. They make sure every student follows protocol and have complete safety equipment (face masks, face shields, etc.) They also assist with tutorials, check on the kids and how they’re finding the sessions, and act as a go-between for the kids to be able to tell them anything.


There’s still a lot of adjusting and learning to do in our ‘new normal’, but the kids are quickly getting used to the activities and are hoping football can restart soon too. For now, it’s good to begin and grow the activities slowly as the quarantine gradually opens up.

A New Issue of The Payatas Paper

The 10th and latest issue of The Payatas Paper is out now! Many things come to mind when we hear ‘Payatas’. It’s mostly known for the largest dumpsite in the country, but what do the locals here have say? What is it really like living here? Click here to view the full issue.


A Fairplay TV Throwback

In the third episode we follow Rose Ann’s story as she shows us what life was like growing up, what’s happened to many of her friends since, and how she hopes her life, and the life of the kids she coaches, will be different. Also, highlights of the 2nd match of Payatas FC’s season in the Philam Life 7s League against Nomads Football Club as Payatas Football Club take on some of the best female footballers in the Philippines.

Can’t wait to watch episode 4? The full season is available on our Youtube channel: http://bit.ly/2Uos1oQ

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