April & May 2021 Update

Another quarter in meant another round of adjustments for us at Fairplay. We entered April in stricter government lockdown as we underwent another month in Enhanced Community Quarantine. With our operations put on hold and an unforeseeable end to this quarantine, like always, we remain hopeful.

The Youth Center Operations

Our operations in the Youth Center were halted which meant we have to find other means to provide support to our kids. Through our incredibly determined Youth Leaders, they were able to do few online tutorials and consultations with our scholars. This still proved to be a challenge as we’re aware of the limitations in our resources since not all our scholars have access to the internet.

However, come May, we welcomed our scholars back into the Youth Center as we eased into the latest guidelines in General Community Quarantine. Still adhering to health protocols and such, we were able to open the Youth Center and continue the tutorials with our scholars face to face. Aside from that, the EQ Club sessions also resumed this month!


Support from our partners and donors continued to pour and as always, we’re grateful to everyone who has shown support in whatever form despite the uncertainties we’re facing.

In case you missed it, Matteo Celdran organized and initiated a Raffle for A Cause for the benefit of Fairplay. All the proceeds raised from the tickets sold from this raffle will help fund the New Media Library for the children of Payatas. We’re incredibly grateful to Matteo and everyone who has supported and participated in this Raffle for A Cause!

We’d also like to extend our gratitude to Greenleaf Herbals Inc. for providing our scholars Focus PH Syrup for Kids that we’ve distributed to our scholars and the families we work with here in Payatas. These supplements are especially helpful now that our kids are exposed to their screens for long periods because of the new mode of learning online.

Shoutout as well to Quanta Paper Corporation for providing our Youth Center and college dorm monthly supply of high quality sanitary products that we have shared to our scholars and their families for their everyday hygiene needs.

Payatas Sports Center Update

We’re also thrilled to share the latest developments at the Payatas Sports Center as we continue to renovate and improve our facilities as we prepare for when Sports makes a comeback!

Take a peek of the finished flooring of our futsal court which we’re hoping we get to enjoy and play on soonest. While contact sports is still on hold, we’re working on all the improvements we can put in so that as soon as it’s safe and protocols allow, the PSC is ready for our community to enjoy.

We’re grateful to our partners from Thinking of Yves (TOY), the major sponsor of this project for making these developments possible. They’ve been a great partner with Fairplay and supporting our Scholars becoming interns, coaches, and more. Check them out at https://www.toyforeveryoung.com/story

Just this month, we’ve also commenced on doing a few non-contact sports and we’re really happy to see our kids enjoy, move, and slowly get back to sports.

Team Philippines SCWC 2022

Through these incredibly tough and challenging times, we’re thrilled to share that Team Philippines is back for the 2022 Street Child World Cup in Doha, Qatar! Check out this trailer as we share some highlights from the past teams that represented the country in this tournament that brings together street-connected kids from across the world.

Truly, we’re making our best efforts to provide our scholars, our teams, and our community the support that they need through these incredibly challenging times, and as always, we’re incredibly lucky to have the support of all of our partners, sponsors and donors, all the way. And as we continue to tread these uncertainties together, we’re confident and hopeful to make it through it.

2 thoughts on “April & May 2021 Update

  1. Love the story of TOY. Brilliant contributions from all involved partners in aiding the continuous excellent work at Fairplay.


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