Fairplay 2021 Quarter 2 Highlights

Halfway through the year, and there’s so much for us to look back on for this quarter’s highlights. It’s been a pretty tough quarter to say the least but we’ve held our heads high and continued to march on as we went on through this quarter of ups and downs. (2020 got us trained for that, after all).

Check out this video and join us as we look back at the Fairplay’s Highlights this quarter:

Payatas FC Comics

First on our list of highlights is the release of the second to the last Issue of the Payatas FC Comics. We’re proud to see our scholars, Cacay and Chan-chan explore their creativity and continue to use their skills to tell these stories. The Fourth and Final Issue of Ang Kwento ni Ella will be out soon so stay tuned for that!

You may download the PDF version of this issue here:

Raffle For A Cause

Truly a highlight of the quarter was the Raffle for a Cause organized by Matteo Celdran. Through that, he was able to raise a total of ₱105,000 to fund Fairplay’s New Media Library. Big thank you to Matteo and the Celdran family for initiating this and to all the generous participants for making this happen.

Youth Center Operations

In early April, the operations of the Youth Center had to halt as we adhere to the implementation of local community protocols. However, in no time, by the end of the month, we received the go-signal to welcome our kids back into the Youth Center. 

During this time, we were able to slowly ease back into our day to day ops. 

Our scholars have started to make use of the new computer units donated by Teleperformance. Schoolwork continue to pile up for the students that is why these resources truly helped them catch up with their lessons and modules.

EQ Club Sessions

Welcoming our scholars back also meant we can resume with the EQ Club sessions. Our new Trainee Youth Center Manager Rona facilitates these sessions with our scholars.

These EQ Club sessions have become the avenue for our scholars from different age groups to explore emotional intelligence, self-awareness, self-management, and social awareness.

Focus PH

As we’ve shared in our previous update, among the many support that we’ve received this quarter were the Focus PH Syrup for Kids that we got from Greenleaf Herbals Inc. We continue to share these vitamins to the kids in our community to continue protecting them from the negative effects of blue light from extended exposure to digital gadgets brought about by the circumstance of going into online classes. Maraming salamat, Focus PH!

Quanta Paper Corporation

Maintaining hygiene and sanitation continues to be an essential during this time, that is why we’re lucky to have the support of Quanta Paper as they provide us with hygiene and sanitation kits for our scholars and their families through a monthly supply of ethyl alcohol, tissue paper, toothbrush, sanitary pads, and other essentials.

Thank you very much to our partners at Quanta!

TOY Partnership


Our partnership with Thinking of Yves (TOY) continues to support our internship program. Now, there are 2 full-time interns and 5 part-time interns. We’re also able to support several Youth Leaders who in turn, also provide support for the younger scholars with their academics.

The Payatas Sports Center

The Payatas Sports Center now sports a new look as we completed the renovation of the flooring futsal court through the help of our partners from TOY. Soon enough, we’re excited to share this facility with our community and be able to hold tournaments and leagues here in the future. In the meantime, we’re able to utilize the PSC with the activities led by our Sports department.

As always, shoutout to TOY for their unconditional support!

Non-Contact Sports

Now with the PSC sporting a new look, our kids are now able to enjoy getting back to doing physical activities and non-contact sports at the PSC. We’re really happy to see them get back to being active after a year or two in quarantine.

Career Orientation and Tutorials

This quarter we were also joined by our youth and young mothers from the community in a recent First Future 2.0 career orientation and website walk-through for the Future-Ready CSR (Growth Mindset Training for Customer Service Representatives) Course with YGOAL.

Learning through online classes continue to be a challenge for our scholars. But we continue to course through these challenges with them by continued mentoring and support like tutorials. We’re grateful for the help of our friends from The Initiative PH’s Department of Children’s Rights who also organized some of these tutorial sessions in subjects like Math, English and Science with some of our scholars.

Coaching Course

We’re also proud to share and see our Youth Coaches and new staff up their game in coaching, learning inside the classroom and on the pitch as they complete their Fairplay Level 1 Coaching Course. We’re excited to see them apply what they’ve learned in their respective teams, tutorials, and departments!

We’re wrapping up this packed quarter with our heads high, and all thrilled to do more on the second half of the year.

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