Fairplay 2021 Quarter 3 Highlights

When the government called for another strict lockdown in August, we again had to halt operations of our Youth Center and Sports Center. However, the good news is, since the beginning of the third quarter of the year, our staff and young leaders have begun to get vaccinated with the COVID19 vaccine.

Not long to go now until Fairplay staff will be fully-vaccinated. However, we shall continue to still mask up, regularly sanitize, and observe maximum and proper health protocols to ensure the safety of everyone, vaccinated or not.

Youth Center Re-Opening

Following another strict lockdown period during the Summer, the Youth Center is now open again for our Fairplay Scholars in this new school year. The same challenges remain for our students, among them being the inaccessibility of resources like gadgets and internet connection.

In one of our previous updates, we’ve shared the brand new computer units donated by Teleperformance. We’re grateful to see our scholars make full use of them this school year.

In our efforts to also improve the online learning experience for our scholars, we’ve finally been able to upgrade the internet connection of the Youth Center’s computer room. Long-term supporters will know of our previous struggles in getting a stable connection. Now, with the new internet, our Scholars can join their classes all at the same time!

Aside from the internet upgrade, among the improvements of the Youth Center the arrival of the equipment and supplementary materials for the Youth Center’s Media Library made possible by the funds raised through the previous Raffle for A Cause organized by one of our supporters, Matteo Celdran. Among them are additional power supply, headphones, web cameras, printers, art materials, newly upgraded internet connection, yoga mat, hula hoop, tablets, electronic game console and educational posters all for our scholars’ use!

The Previous School Year in Lockdown

As we head into the final Quarter of 2021, we do look back on what’s been a tough year for our students. Despite the challenges they’ve faced throughout the pandemic, we see all of the effort they pour into their modules and the progress they continue to make in the previous school year in lockdown.

Three of our scholars, JR, John Lawrence and Axelxan, are among those who have both seen their grades rise significantly and now level up to Level 2 Fairplay Scholars. They are also becoming Youth Leaders who will help tutor younger scholars too.

As always, big thank you to Thinking Of Yves for continuously supporting us all throughout these challenging times.

In an attempt to look further into the present situation in Payatas being in the world’s longest lockdown, we talked to our scholars and their parents and how an entire school year has been for them while in lockdown.

Eating Healthy Starts at the Fairplay Cafe

The Fairplay Cafe continues to thrive throughout this pandemic. Although limited to only catering to take out orders, the Fairplay Cafe Nanays continue to level up and experiment on healthy and delightful dishes for the Payatas Community. Among the ulams they serve are plant-based takes of our favorite dishes like Chicken Curry, Kare-kare, Langka, Burger Steak, to name a few!

We’re also cooking up some new and exciting ways to serve our favorite Filipino breakfasts for you soon! Our tofu scrambled egg, vegan isaw and tocino is something you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Truly it is through support—of our partners, scholars, staff and the community — that we are able to continue to move forward despite the many hurdles and detours we have to face. And while we move forward, we know that there’s a long way to go but we’ve already come a long way since. 

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